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News 4 Jax I-Team Report Mentioning Proteus

30 November 2022 (Jacksonville, FL) - Proteus Protective Services was born in response to a Jacksonville security agency ceasing service galvanizing several of its leading employees to  assemble and launch a new company.

Using their combined years of expertise in the security and law enforcement industry, Proteus Protective Services is now a licensed and insured security firm, offering their services across Florida.

The linked WJTX (4) news story focuses on the failing of a former private agency, and mentions the birth of Proteus Protective Services.


Sean Saunders, the Deputy Chief, and co-founder, of Proteus Protective Services, was an employee in the leadership of the former company, but was not part of its ownership. The launching of Proteus Protective Services is a true success story for Jacksonville and for Florida.

Launch Video

"About 20 former employees... joined together to form a new security company called Proteus Protective Services." --Anne Maxwell, WJTX 4 I-Team

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