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Motel Security Services

Motel guest and staff security is more important than ever. Proteus Protective Services offers static security officer and patrol response services to help establish and maintain the safety of guests and property. Currently, Proteus has clients from some of the top five major chain lodging establishments.

Professionals who work in the field of motel and lodging security undergo extensive training and preparation for their roles. A security officer will have obtained a professional license and be knowledgeable about Chapter 509 of the Florida Statues which deals with lodging in hotels, motels, and inns—this includes both Transient and Non-Transient public lodging establishments.


Together with the motel client, Proteus will determine the level of security needed and deploy armed or unarmed staff on site.


Security professionals perform a variety of tasks, including lobby and guest room oversight, removing potential threats from the vicinity of guests, legal evictions, vehicle and room-related crime investigations, and reducing the risk of damage to business.

Threats emerge from various sectors; including disgruntled employees, dissatisfied guests, gang members, or complete strangers outside of the buildings. A security officer can mitigate and minimize the risk and display a safe and protective setting. And, working with a security team allows motel staff to further concentrate on their tasks and the guest experience.

In January 2023, Proteus launched a Motel Security Task Force to specialize in the crime in many Florida counties. See the News Release here.

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