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If you are interested in learning more about Proteus Protective Services or would like to apply, please contact us and fill out the application below.

Why choose Proteus Protective Services as your next employer?


Proteus Protective Services offers all levels of security.  We have nurtured an excellent relationship with our law enforcement partners and are viewed as a force multiplier for our local Sheriff’s Offices.  We deploy with the Sheriff’s office on our properties to aggressively remedy common issues such as drugs, guns, trafficking, and violence. 

We address vagrants, homeless, pan handlers, with empathy but resolve.  We represent our properties with the Public Nuisance Abatement  Committee and have an excellent reputation of resolving the issues that led the property to being added to the PNA list for a rate that is usually half of the cost of hiring an off-duty deputy. 


Our services include handling everything from noise complaints to deceased persons and everything in-between. 


We offer routine patrols and emergency rapid response.  Our average response times are under 15 minutes.  We are a respond and resolve agency, not your typical observe and call law enforcement.  We work hand-in-hand with our law enforcement partners on deployments and special needs.  We have a disaster response team and equipment designed to support any disaster.  Our team has advanced training through the Proteus Training Institute DS3300039 based in Orange Park Florida, taught by retired Green Beret Team Sergeants.  Here, we receive law enforcement / military grade instruction in advanced tactics such as “situational awareness”, de-escalation, CQB, active shooter, patrol officer survival, basic first aid, “stop the bleed”, CPR/AED and more. 


Our officers are from all walks of public service life including active/retired military, active certification/retired law enforcement, fire fighters, EMT/Paramedics.  Our officers are taught the appropriate disciplines to be the best at what we do and this is why we have such a strong presence in our community and with our law enforcement partners. Our pay structure is highly competitive vs. local competitors and we pay everyone the same rate regardless of the assignment.


To learn more about how Proteus Protective Services services our clients, please review our website with links to videos giving you previews and actual client testimonials of the work we do on our properties, service calls or Special Tactical Operation (S.T.OP) Taskforce deployments.


To apply, please visit one of our options:, Our application page or send us an email with your resume to  Please be persistent.  We received hundreds of applications and review them all but this can take time often interrupted by our service calls.

Enjoy a handful of pictures showing our officers at work below and envision yourself carrying out these duties.  Our job is exciting and our team enjoys the Proteus Protective Services style of security.  You will be an ambassador of the brand, if you come on the team!

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