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Proteus Protective Services provides a wide range of security & enforcement services. In most cases, we have the ability to customize a service that will meet your needs, including a hybrid service of static on property guard(s) and vehicle patrol stops. We are able to mobilize quickly for emergency events. We have officers on "stand-by" to ensure a quick deployment for your needs.  Do you need threat assessments and recommendations?  We have highly trained individuals well versed in threat assessment and CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) processes.

Need more convincing to give Proteus Protective Services further consideration?  Watch the "Why Proteus" video below for actual client testimonials.  Also see some of our officers working with law enforcement to address guns, violence, prostitution and other concerns on our contracted properties.  Contact us to see how we can mitigate your property concerns.  

Why Proteus?

Calls for Service and Emergency Rapid Response

Domestics, attempted suicides, shots fired, person with a weapon, neighbor disputes, trespassing, loitering, loud music, deceased persons and more.  Our response times average 7-15 minutes and our officers are trained to manage many different emergencies.

Armed & Unarmed Uniformed Officer

We are a full-service security company providing support for all of your needs. Our officers are trained to exceed the Florida Department of Agriculture Licensing Division's requirements to be a security officer.

Patrol, Static or Hybrid Options

  • Our mobile patrol service provides clients that don’t have the need for a full-time officer with a solution to their security concerns.

  • Our officers have access to a Computer Aided Dispatch system that provides detailed activity reports for every patrol that they conduct on your property.  Depending upon your needs, we can issue parking violations, community rule violations, conduct evictions for non-payment and hotel rule violations, trespass and record interactions with persons on the property.

  • These reports are forwarded to our clients daily so they can ensure that their property is being serviced appropriately and that they are up to date on all activities on their site.

Fire Watch
Construction Sites
Hospital Security
Private / Charter School Security Resource Officers
Places of Worship
Commercial Security, Retail, Restaurant

  • Our agency provides leading edge commercial security by utilizing technology and experience.

  • Our officers are highly skilled in various aspects of emergency services, and we will provide officers that lend more than just security protection to your company.

  • We maintain a staff of current/former Military, certified EMTs, former Firefighters, and former Law Enforcement Officers to ensure that our clients get the most out of their security services.

  • Our officers can help your organization combat theft and shrink, health and safety concerns, and vandalism by utilizing unique experience as trained first responders.

Shopping  Centers & Malls
Hotels, Motels, & Other Lodging
Personal Protection Details
Special Event Security

• Comedy Clubs

• Car Shows 

• Beer Fests

• Wine & Cheese Events

Community & Neighborhood Security

  • Homeowners Associations

  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • Condo Owners Associations

  • Rental & Apartment Communitites

  • Mobile Home Communitites

Disaster Relief

We travel with a state-of-the-art incident command post incorporating climate controlled sleeping accommodations and storage trailer, providing homeland security to vital infrastructure, medical staff, government and commercial entities, etc.  Our staff is trained in:

  • Search & Rescue

  • Search & Recovery

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Looting Deterrent

  • Post-Disaster Support

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